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Sharon / Easton, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Borderland State Park {w/ Kathy Cohen}

I absolutely loved photographing the beautiful Kathy Cohen in early November. Kathy chose one of my personal favorite locations, Borderland State Park in Eason and Sharon. Kathy's kind spirit and genuine goodness comes through in every conversation I have ever had with her. And working with her showed this spirit as well. I absolutely loved capturing it. Take a look and make sure to check out her classes at Chakra Power Yoga in Braintree!

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Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot in the Arboretum {Morgan Furze Yoga}

I am so excited to share this preview with you of my yoga photo shoot with Morgan Furze. This past Monday was my first day back post heart surgery and I feel so lucky that it was with Morgan. This was my first time working with her and I have to say that her beautiful personality and constant smile made it such a great shoot to start back with. The air at the Arboretum was so refreshing. Although we've had many ninety degree days, Monday evening was just perfect and not too hot. We found some very cool blush colored flowering plants along with many beautiful greens. Morgan actually studies trees and forests at Harvard {along with teaching yoga there} so this setting was quiet apropos. She is also recently recovering from hip and wrist surgeries so this photo shoot was in part to celebrate her recovery. She was ready to rock out and capture both strong and simple poses. Take a look!

Norwood, MA Yoga Instructor Photo Shoot w/ Jen Palmer and Universal Power Yoga

I absolutely love the team that Jen Palmer has brought together at Universal Power Yoga. Great teachers, great studio, great community. I spent the day with her team, highlighting each of the teachers that make the studio what it is.

Here's one fun mini group shot during our downtime. That's right, we shot almost 20 teachers and we actually had downtime! (That never happens!)

Braintree, MA Yoga Photo Shoot w/ Nicole Burrill & Chakra Power Yoga

Shoot Date: September, 2014

Location: Chakra Power Yoga, Braintree, MA

I could not be more excited for my good friend Nicole Burrill on the opening of her studio, Chakra Power Yoga. Formerly Jai Yoga, Nicole revamped the space - including these new beautiful french doors per my photographic request ;) - she bought new props and hired an incredible staff of teachers. Here's just one quick preview before we shot the individual teachers for her website. Take a look!

Braintree, MA Yoga Photo Shoot - Chakra Power Yoga's First Class

Shoot Date: September 1, 2014

Location: Chakra Power Yoga, Braintree, MA

A huge congratulations to Nicole Burrill and Chakra Power Yoga on their packed-house first class. What a gorgeous studio! I am so excited photograph this community.

Brookline, MA Yoga Photo Shoot w/ Down Under Yoga

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: August 1, 2014

Location: Down Under Yoga, Brookline, MA

This was my first shoot with Down Under Yoga and my first time using a white seamless backdrop for yoga shots. We had a great time experimenting with light and how it catches the body in different poses. Our two fabulous subjects were Didi and Nina, two beautiful ladies with incredible yoga practices!

South Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot w/ Radiant Yoga Boston's Teacher Trainees

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: July 26, 2014

Location: Castle Island, Boston, MA

Congratulations to the graduating yoga teachers from Radiant Yoga Boston!

I absolutely love meeting the graduating teachers from Chanel's programs at the end of their trainings because this teacher training always graduates amazing souls. This group in particular was fresh, fun, dedicated, and now 200 hour certified! I'm looking forward to her next group of teacher trainees in early 2015!

Take a look at select images from this year below!

South Boston Yoga Photo Shoot w/ Chanel Luck & Radiant Yoga Boston

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: July 26, 2014

Location: Castle Island, Boston, MA

I always love working with Chanel Luck and her teachers at Radiant Yoga Boston. For this shoot, we went over to Castle Island right at sunrise to get some gorgeous photos of the sunlight glowing on the water.

Norwood, MA Yoga Photo Shoot for Universal Power Yoga's One Year Anniversary Celebration

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: June 14, 2014

Location: Universal Power Yoga, Norwood, MA

Congratulations to Universal Power Yoga on their first year in business! What a great one year anniversary celebration. I love working with you guys!

Norwood, MA Yoga Photo Shoot w/ Universal Power Yoga

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: May 30, 2014

Location: Universal Power Yoga, Norwood, MA

I popped over to UPY to snap a few quick teacher shots. Here's one preview of the whole group! Love these teachers!