About Tracy

Learn about the owner of Tracy Rodriguez Photography, how she started photographing Boston weddings and Boston yoga studios and yoga instructors throughout New England. She’s an open book. Read it.

My passion is capturing your “you” - what makes you come alive.  I believe that each person has something incredibly unique to share, and that special quirky factor is what photographs so well.

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. I’m glad you clicked over to this section because it's important to work with a photographer that's right for you. Take a look through my portfolio, read more about me below, and if you think we'd make a good team, contact me and tell me more about yourself.

I am based out of Dedham, MA.

I believe…

     … in being a good person, treating people with respect, and doing the right thing above all else.

     … every person has something unique that no one else has, something incredibly special. I value that. That's what I look to photograph.

     … showing someone their amazing self can instill self-confidence. And, your self-confident self can change the world.

Learn more about me through the kind words from my clients.

I’m big on sharing. Here is some of my story.

{Shutter bug} – I began shooting in 2000. I found a mostly functioning Minolta camera {yes, that’s film} - the light meter was broken so I read the light with my eye and guessed at my settings. It was a true test and learn environment. I took every class my high school offered and then decided to go to business school for marketing. As a hobbyist, I upgraded to a Canon film camera and eventually a Canon digital camera. I went to yoga teacher training and learned I needed to leave the corporate marketing world and pursue my passion. I started photographing yoga teachers from my training and my business grew organically. I photographed my first wedding in the fall of 2013 and knew after that my world was going to change. I left my corporate job in March 2014 to run Tracy Rodriguez Photography full time, focusing on wedding and yoga photography. Four years later, my business is running strong, and I've added branding sessions to the mix.

{Small Business Advocate} - I am here to tell you to follow your goals, your daydreams, and your passions. Don't focus on the barriers. Focus on what makes you come alive. If you ever need a boost, shoot me a note. Yes, even if we've never met. I am a firm believer in following your Personal Legend {Alchemist, anyone?}.

{Soul mate} – I married my best friend in August 2012. Weddings are such an amazing display of deep emotion, pure joy and love and excitement. Since my wedding, I realized what an amazing privilege it is to photograph someone on their wedding day. To capture the special connection between two people, all that raw emotion, the love and support of family and friends, be it in a large or intimate setting, it’s beyond words, really.

My husband and I are so thankful for Becca and Mike Garone for capturing our Wedding Day so beautifully.

{Aummm} – As I mentioned, I also teach yoga. {RYT200} Put simply, teacher training changed my life. I love yoga photography not only because I can physically adjust teachers and cue them on alignment, but even more because I understand the deep meaning, passion, and connection to the practice. If you teach yoga, I’ll go on a limb to say that it has changed your life too. Let’s capture that passion. It photographs beautifully.

{Inspiration} – Whenever I see a quote, mantra, affirmation or otherwise that resonates with me, I save it on this Pinterest Board. I reference it all the time when I need inspiration.

{Let’s start something} – I come from a family of inspirational entrepreneurs, artists, and business experts and I shout out their incredible work every chance I get. My cousin Jessica founded The Brave Collection, my Aunt Dawn opened Peridot Fine Jewelry, my Aunt MaryEllen is a highly skilled Photographer, and my cousins Eva and Sam head up their band Charly Bliss {and they actually played at my wedding!}. The rest of them rock but they don’t have websites for me to shout out about.

{My Gear Bag} – I might be Canon’s biggest fan. I shoot on two Canon 5D Mark III’s and am currently in love with my 70-200 L f/2.8 IS II and 100mm L f/2.8. If that sounds interesting, you can follow my Pinterest Board to see all of my current gear.

{2017/2018 Maternity Leave} - My little boy, Mateo, arrived in late August. Amazingly, I went into labor early, on my five year wedding anniversary, and delivered Mateo on my late grandfather's birthday. How's that for special timing? I am currently on maternity leave and planning to shoot again on a limited basis this summer. If you have a project in mind, definitely reach out. I'll keep you posted on my blog about my maternity leave, too.


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