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Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at the Arnold Arboretum {W/ Anna Plotnikova}

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Anna Plotnikova at one of my favorite locations, The Arnold Arboretum. Anna and I actually shot there together just last year - you can see previews from our first yoga photo shoot on the blog. And because we both loved it so much, we decided to come back for this year's session. One thing I love about this location is that even though we were in some of the exact same areas, we were able to capture a totally new perspective as the seasons change and each day's light provides something unique to photograph. The recent rain had saturated the grass and plants so much that we were able to capture some really gorgeous, deep greens, and the overcast sky gave us a nice, even light for our session.

As you'll be able to tell from any of her photographs, Anna is an absolute joy to photograph, always smiling and cheerful. Her positive energy is infectious. And while I have to admit, at 33 weeks pregnant, I was feeling pretty tired before our session. After spending an hour together though, I was full of energy and left with such a big smile and heart full of gratitude.

You can catch Anna teaching in Boston at Health Yoga Life and make sure to follow her on Instagram for more!

And now, enjoy some previews from our session!

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Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at the Arnold Arboretum {w/ Maria}

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing a dedicated yogi to capture images of her favorite poses in the beautiful Arnold Arboretum. Maria and I utilized the gardens that have recently come into bloom, the green ivy backdrop as well as agravel path that always looks so ethereal to me. And let me tell you, she was rocking arm balances and inversions all night long. It was a lot of fun to capture! I am so excited to share a handful of previews with you all today.

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Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at the Arnold Arboretum {w/ Morgan Furze}

Whether it be the next season, the next year, or even years after we first meet, I absolutely love when clients reach back out to schedule more photo shoots. I first worked with Morgan back in 2015. You may remember her Arnold Arboretum Yoga Photo Shoot and the gorgeous dusty rose colored puff flowers {yes, I should probably have looked up the real name of this beautiful floral tree} and poses in front of the walls of ivy. This past week, we revisited the Arboretum to catch some beautiful spring time backdrops for her follow up yoga photo shoot. And, I'm so glad that we did. Everything was fresh and green and blooming. I love shooting there because it just feels so full of life. And, Morgan, as always, was glowing herself. I could photograph that smile every season!

I am excited to share previews from our shoot below, and, make sure to follow Morgan on Instagram to see more! You can also find her teaching for Harvard Recreation.

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Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at the Arnold Arboretum {w/ Anna Platnikova}

If I've said it once, I'll say it a thousand times, I absolutely love shooting at The Arnold Arboretum. I just love that no matter when you go, there is something new and something lovely and something unique to fit with my lovely and unique clients. And this yoga photo shoot with Anna Platnikova was no exception. The only exception here was that Anna was referred to me by none other than my adoring husband! And I have to say, while he's enjoyed a handful of yoga classes {thank you, Chanel Luck and Nina Petruzzo} and used to attend my classes when I was first teaching, this is the first time a yoga teacher has reached out to me as a referral so kudos to him! {And you should have seen the smile on his face when I told him!}

Photographing with Anna was an absolute dream. She is completely stunning, incredibly kind, and has the best smile. And, as all of my clients know, if you laugh at my dorky jokes, you're golden in my book. Towards the end of our session, Anna put on the most radiant blush dress and white floral crown and I swear my jaw dropped. Shooting yoga poses in unique outfits to fit your brand {ahem, shout out to my marketing major} is something I absolutely love. It helps distinguish yourself and shows your character and I am all for it. Needless to say, I could not be more excited to share a few previews from our yoga photo shoot.

You can find Anna teaching Health Yoga Life in Boston and can learn more about her by following her on Instagram. Enjoy!

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Boston Yoga Photo Shoot at the Arboretum {w/ Shelanda Irish}

It's as if the Arboretum knew it was Earth Day when Shelanda and I photographed her yoga session there last week.  The evening light was absolutely perfect shimmering through the trees, creating this ethereal light that was just stunning. And Shelanda, such a beauty with her gorgeous smile and warm heart, was also completely stunning. I absolutely loved working with her, photographing a range of yoga poses for her website.

Shelanda currently teaches an all levels vinyasa class at Fitness Unlimited for Women in East Milton, MA and a yoga sculpt class at Crunch Medford in Medford, MA and she will be teaching a summer series at the Farmer's Market at Power's Farm in Randolph which sounds absolutely amazing. I highly recommend you check out a class with her soon and make sure to give her Facebook page a like as well, Yoga by Shelanda, to get all the updates on her teaching schedule!

Jamaica Plain, MA Family Photo Shoot in the Arboretum {The Murphy Family}

It's hard to believe I met this amazing couple over a decade ago. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone since our freshman year at BU but I do know how lucky I feel to have met and stayed in touch with so many wonderful people. When Caitlin and Murph {Andrew, sorry} contacted me to set up a family photo shoot, I also felt extremely lucky to have a profession that puts me back in contact with so many, to be a part of their wedding days and watch their families grow. Go ahead and call me sappy, but it really does give me goosebumps. I'm so excited to share a handful of my photo shoot with the Murphy family at the beautiful Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain. Enjoy!

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