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Milton, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Milton Academy {Megan Gagliardi}

I absolutely loved working with the beautiful Megan Gagliardi at her fall yoga photo shoot. We shot at The Milton Academy in Milton, MA, which looks beautiful all year round, but especially so in the fall. I am excited to share that Megan is about to finish her yoga teacher training in CT. I absolutely love working with graduating teachers because it's the perfect time to create their base photographs to use in their first marketing materials. It's so important to have images to deliver to studios so they can announce the new teacher to the community.

Megan is also an at home nurse, mainly working with early childhood development to so say that she gives back to the community is an understatement. I feel so lucky to have met her and can't wait to share a few previews from our photo shoot with you!

And, a big thanks to Ashley Feehan for the referral! I can't believe it was only a couple months ago when we were shooting in the water at Milford beach!

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Sharon / Easton, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Borderland State Park {w/ Kathy Cohen}

I absolutely loved photographing the beautiful Kathy Cohen in early November. Kathy chose one of my personal favorite locations, Borderland State Park in Eason and Sharon. Kathy's kind spirit and genuine goodness comes through in every conversation I have ever had with her. And working with her showed this spirit as well. I absolutely loved capturing it. Take a look and make sure to check out her classes at Chakra Power Yoga in Braintree!

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