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Introducing Individual Yoga MINIS!

Boston yoga photographer

Hey yogis! I have a little update for you ... a mini one, if you will! I'm adding a new photo shoot to my offerings! Drum roll please ... introducing ...  Individual Yoga Minis!

I heard you loud and clear.

Yoga minis are thirty minute yoga sessions that are designed to be quick, easy, and at a less expensive price point.

I know many of you are looking to follow up after an initial photo shoot together, to shoot more often, in different locations, both indoors and outdoors, updated for the season, to highlight a new workshop you're marketing, etc. so that's where minis come in.

Mini sessions will never replace a full sixty minute session, but they aren't designed to.

As with all of my sessions, you will receive a personalized online gallery to both view and download your images, high resolution images, a 15 mile travel allowance from me in Dedham, and a 3 week turnaround guarantee. Individual yoga minis are $400. (Full 60 minute sessions are $600.)

Boston yoga photographer

Now I am pretty sure I can guess your next question. Does this mean I am back from maternity leave? Not quite. Truthfully, I am absolutely loving being at home with my little one year old. And my plan is to stay at home with him for the time being for the majority of my time. That said, I miss shooting. I miss all of you. And I am finding that I have pockets of time where I can dive back into my business. So, you'll see me pop up here and again when I have dates available. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with me as dates become available.

I will be reaching out to my full list of those of you who reached out over the last year. And you can always follow up with an email at just please know I am spending most of my time these days with my little nugget. So, if you're looking for someone who can respond within the hour to all of your emails, I totally get it and am happy to refer you to other photographers.

Have questions? Ask away!

And, you can check out all of the details on my yoga sessions including pricing and frequently asked questions.