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Dedham, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at MIT Endicott House w/ Rachel Books Smoller

Hi, everyone! Look at that .. I’m back! :) I’ve spent the bulk of 2019 loving up every minute with my son and now I’m ready to return to shooting just in time for the end of this hot, hot summer, and my favorite season to photograph in, the fall. And to kick it all off, none other than the radiant Rachel Books Smoller . We combo-ed a yoga and family session to bring you some beautiful images of Rachel with her family, including another little one on the way! Rachel is a phenomenal prenatal yoga teacher. She personally got me through my pregnancy so I can highly recommend her if you or anyone you know is expecting and looking for a wonderful yoga teacher and community. But, she doesn’t just teach prenatal! You can find out more about her on her website, and check out her classes at Universal Power Yoga and Yoga Works.

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Introducing Individual Yoga MINIS!

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Hey yogis! I have a little update for you ... a mini one, if you will! I'm adding a new photo shoot to my offerings! Drum roll please ... introducing ...  Individual Yoga Minis!

I heard you loud and clear.

Yoga minis are thirty minute yoga sessions that are designed to be quick, easy, and at a less expensive price point.

I know many of you are looking to follow up after an initial photo shoot together, to shoot more often, in different locations, both indoors and outdoors, updated for the season, to highlight a new workshop you're marketing, etc. so that's where minis come in.

Mini sessions will never replace a full sixty minute session, but they aren't designed to.

As with all of my sessions, you will receive a personalized online gallery to both view and download your images, high resolution images, a 15 mile travel allowance from me in Dedham, and a 3 week turnaround guarantee. Individual yoga minis are $400. (Full 60 minute sessions are $600.)

Boston yoga photographer

Now I am pretty sure I can guess your next question. Does this mean I am back from maternity leave? Not quite. Truthfully, I am absolutely loving being at home with my little one year old. And my plan is to stay at home with him for the time being for the majority of my time. That said, I miss shooting. I miss all of you. And I am finding that I have pockets of time where I can dive back into my business. So, you'll see me pop up here and again when I have dates available. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep in touch with me as dates become available.

I will be reaching out to my full list of those of you who reached out over the last year. And you can always follow up with an email at just please know I am spending most of my time these days with my little nugget. So, if you're looking for someone who can respond within the hour to all of your emails, I totally get it and am happy to refer you to other photographers.

Have questions? Ask away!

And, you can check out all of the details on my yoga sessions including pricing and frequently asked questions.

Brookline, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Larz Anderson {w/ Jacqui Bonwell 500 Hour Teacher Trainees}

I can hardly believe that I just finished up my last photo shoot before maternity leave. For the last several years, the spring and summer months have been the start of a beautiful outdoor season and my favorite, yet to come, is the fall. But alas, growing a little baby has been an amazing and humbling experience and my 38 week pregnant body is telling me it's time to lay low and rest before the arrival of our little guy.

It was such an honor to work with this group of yoga teachers from Jacqui Bonwell's most recent 500-hour yoga teacher training. Mini sessions are, well, mini in nature, but in working with these women for just a few moments each, I could tell instantly what beautiful souls they each are. A huge thanks to Jori, Rachel, Kristen, Pam and Erin, for braving two storms and patiently waiting for a beautiful summer day to come along.

These sessions were shot at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, MA. Enjoy!

Contact me today if you're interested in setting up a yoga photo shoot. While I am pausing shooting for my maternity leave, I expect to have limited availability in the fall and winter and to return to shooting full time in the spring. If you'd like to be added to my wait-list, please do be in touch asap as it will be prioritized on a first-contacted, first-served basis. Please pardon slower than usual response times during the next few months.

Brookline, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Larz Anderson Park {w/ Fran Karoff}

It's hard to believe that I'm wrapping up this summer's season of yoga photo shoots while the sun is still shining and the weather is warm {okay, for this shoot, hot!}. But alas my 8-month pregnant body is telling me to slow down. So with that, I have just a couple of sessions left to share with you all before my maternity leave. And this one I am thrilled to be sharing today.

I met with Fran at the beautiful Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, MA. And unlike the last time I tried to shoot there, this time, we weren't caught in torrential rains with a lightening and thunderstorm to boot! This time, it was perfect. The overcast skies provided for beautiful light and the texture of the stone structures and the beautiful green grass and trees made for a photographer's dream.

I absolutely loved photographing Fran. She has such a calming and nurturing energy about her that is so lovely to photograph. We captured many accessible poses to demonstrate her style of teaching and of course photographed a beautiful gifted bracelet with a phrase she often says in class, "pause for a moment of gratitude." How much do you love that?

Fran currently teaches at the First Congregational Church in Milton. You can learn more about her on her website and Facebook.

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Boston, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at the Arnold Arboretum {W/ Anna Plotnikova}

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful Anna Plotnikova at one of my favorite locations, The Arnold Arboretum. Anna and I actually shot there together just last year - you can see previews from our first yoga photo shoot on the blog. And because we both loved it so much, we decided to come back for this year's session. One thing I love about this location is that even though we were in some of the exact same areas, we were able to capture a totally new perspective as the seasons change and each day's light provides something unique to photograph. The recent rain had saturated the grass and plants so much that we were able to capture some really gorgeous, deep greens, and the overcast sky gave us a nice, even light for our session.

As you'll be able to tell from any of her photographs, Anna is an absolute joy to photograph, always smiling and cheerful. Her positive energy is infectious. And while I have to admit, at 33 weeks pregnant, I was feeling pretty tired before our session. After spending an hour together though, I was full of energy and left with such a big smile and heart full of gratitude.

You can catch Anna teaching in Boston at Health Yoga Life and make sure to follow her on Instagram for more!

And now, enjoy some previews from our session!

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Newton, MA Yoga Photo Shoot {w/ Christyn Schroeder}

I first met Christyn several years ago at a children's charity event, Yoga Reaches Out's Kids Yogathon. I photographed the event and was absolutely blown away by Christyn's beautiful energy and ability to connect with literally 100's of children. "Hello, Sun! Hello, Earth!" I'll always remember. You can't not smile while watching her teach.

So when Christyn contacted me to set up a yoga photo shoot, I was ecstatic. Again, her beautiful energy was palpable, she smiled effortlessly and we definitely shared some really fun laughs. I could not be more excited to share a handful of previews with you today.

Christyn teaches both adult and children's yoga classes. She founded KidPowerment Yoga in 2007, which brings yoga to more than, 1,500 kids a week in the greater Boston area. Christyn’s creative classes encourage students to embody their innately curious nature, leading to a more authentic understanding of themselves and the impact they hope to make on the world.

You can find Christyn teaching both adult and children's yoga classes at Bow Street Yoga, North End Yoga, CreateKarma.todayUniversity Club, Kingsley Montessori and Bright Horizons.

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Milton, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Houghton's Pond {W/ Melissa Dixey}

I know what you're thinking ... well, Amanda Dixey's yoga photo shoot, featured in my earlier blog post today, looks pretty similar to this one here. That's because Amanda brought her sister Melissa to Houghton's Pond with us to capture some yoga photographs as well. It was so much fun to work with these beautiful sisters and capture some images for their new journey as yoga teachers.

Amanda and Melissa both graduated from Barefoot Yoga Shala's 200 hour yoga teacher training in May. Here's a huge congratulations to them, and some previews below for you to enjoy!

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