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YOGATHON 2016 PHOTOGRAPHS ARE HERE! {The Link to View, Download, Print, Share is in this blog post!}

Yogathon 2016 photographs are ready!! Woo!! Thanks for the fun Journey Dance, Toni Bergins!!

Yogathon 2016 photographs are ready!! Woo!! Thanks for the fun Journey Dance, Toni Bergins!!

There is just something about the greater Boston area yoga community that is incredibly special. I can't put it to words perfectly but walking into Gillette Stadium Field House each year for Yoga Reaches Out's New England Yogathon, I can just feel it. The energy in the room is palpable. It's the day of the year when everyone gets together to rally for a connected cause, giving back to the community, giving back to children and families in need. This year, together, we raised over $300,000 for Boston Children's Hospital and Yoga Reaches Out, specifically benefitting the Hale Family Center which will be expanding its yoga, meditation, reiki, massage, zumba, and all things lovely offerings to the families and patients at Children's. If that doesn't sound like the perfect beneficiary, then I don't know what does. At one of our committee meetings this year, I was able to tour the facility and can tell you first hand, this place is incredible. If my family had a facility like this when I was going through my cardiac surgeries at age three, I know they would have benefitted from it tremendously.

I have photographed this event for five years now and I have gotten to know so many of you. You are all amazing people. Thank you for all that you do, for raising money, for joining together as a community, for being there, and for always giving me a smile or hug. Congratulations on an amazing job well done! Namaste.

And now, enjoy some photographs of your gorgeous selves! Click here to view all photographs from the day. Make sure to click on the three bar menu on the top left of the page to see all of the galleries.

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Kathryn Budig, my #girlboss crush <3

Kathryn Budig, my #girlboss crush <3

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Yogathon 2016 Photographs Coming Soon!

Congratulations to the nearly 1,000 yogis who raised over $300,000 for Boston Children's Hospital through Yoga Reaches Out's 2016 Yogathon on May 1st! You are all incredibly inspiring.

I am in the process of loading, backing up, culling, and editing 100's of photographs and I am excited to announce that I will have them ready for you to download, make your profile picture, and print by the end of this week! Check back here and on my Facebook page for the link.

The largest group of yogis I've ever photographed! Head over to Facebook and tag yourself if you were at the event or donated to a participant!

The largest group of yogis I've ever photographed! Head over to Facebook and tag yourself if you were at the event or donated to a participant!

Enjoy a few more previews! I'll add them here as I post them on facebook, too! 

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Yoga Reaches Out Benefit Events

I want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to support Yoga Reaches Out this weekend. I was thrilled to offer Pick a Pose at the Endicott Estate benefit class held by Danny Dywer, Lauren DAngelo, Joanna Losty and Sarah Gardner. Before the class started, yogis were invited to pose for moi to support Yoga Reaches Out. We had a ton of fun as you can see below!

And, I am so excited that we will be offering Pick a Pose again on April 22nd at Universal Power Yoga in Norwood. You can get more information and sign up for the class led by Jacqui Bonwell and Jen Merola Palmer on the UPY website. I hope to see you there!

We held this Pick at Pose in the beautiful library at Endicott Estate in Dedham, MA.

We held this Pick at Pose in the beautiful library at Endicott Estate in Dedham, MA.

I also grabbed a few shots at the Equinox benefit class led by Dan Steel the next day. I have to say, I mainly practiced at this class, but it was so beautiful, I had to jump up to snap a few! Enjoy!

Did you know that I provide photographs from all Yoga Reaches Out events to the attendees? You can download, print, share, etc. any images I take from the events. View them all here {link below} to get started! {Note, you can click the drop down menu on the left to access different events and categories including photographs from last year's yogathon!}


On the Importance of Giving Back as a Business {And Ways to Get Involved in Yoga Reaches Out}

My first year photographing Yogathon and my very first press pass.

My first year photographing Yogathon and my very first press pass.

I give back because it feels good.

I give back because I truly believe that every bit adds up. Every ounce of energy given, every dollar fundraised, every email and social media post to drive awareness makes a direct impact.

I give back because I believe in karma.

I give back because I've been there. Just before my third birthday, I spent three months in the ICU because my heart wasn't beating normally. You can read my heart story in an blog post I wrote before my pacemaker surgery last year.

But mainly, I give back because I can. A marathon runner friend of mine told me an inspirational speech from the day before she ran the Boston Marathon where the speaker said to be grateful that "you can". And not that you can finish the race, but rather that you can start it. You can walk to the starting line. You can give a day of your life. You can be present. You can fundraise. It's not to say it's easy. You may have limitations. But, there are people who can't. So while you can, act.

Act and give in ways that are meaningful to you. We all have causes that affect us personally. Likewise, we all have ways we can give that our uniquely ours. For me, I have the resources, the knowledge and, most importantly, the passion for photography, so that's how I give.

What's your passion and how can you translate that to support an organization you care about? Know that your time, your energy, and your expertise go a long way in the limited resource world of nonprofits.

I'm also pretty good at fundraising and commit a goal to raise $1,000 for Yoga Reaches Out in the spring $1,000 for The Alzheimer's Association in the fall. It's easier than it sounds and I challenge you to commit a goal to raise funds as well!

1,000 yogis filling the field last year!

This year will be my fifth year photographing and fundraising for Yogathon, a day of amazing yoga with a purpose to give back to children's charities. The main beneficiary is Boston Children's Hospital. This year, the funds will support the Hale Family Wellness Center to, among other things, expand their  yoga, meditation, reiki and massage programs. At a recent committee meeting, we were given a tour of this amazing facility and I can tell you first hand what a difference this center would have made for my parents when I was hospitalized. This center provides a chance for families and patients to step away from their illness, their upset, their hospital life, and come back into their bodies. It provides a chance to refresh and restore.

Knowing that I can help give this to someone else is why I give back.

If this speaks to you as well and you'd be interested in getting involved with Yoga Reaches Out, there are many ways to do so. New England Yogathon will be held on May 1st in the Gillette Stadium Field House. {Yes, that's where the Patriots practice!} You can...

Team Power Yoga of Cape Cod led by Jill Abraham
  • Join my team! Commit to a $250 fundraising goal and join us on the field for a full day of yoga, amazing food, vendors, massage, reiki, and more with an incredible community of 1,000 like-minded yogis! All levels including beginner yogis are welcome.
  • Create your own team! Gather your friends, your family, your local yoga or fitness studio, your church group, your neighbors, and their friends, too!
  • Volunteer! We are looking for volunteers to help with day-of support as well as 200 hour certified yoga instructors to provide hands-on assisting. {email:}
  • Become a Sponsor! There are $1,500 to $50,000 sponsorships available for those interested in contributing as an individual or as a company.
  • Provide an in-kind donation! Just how I donate my time on the day of to photograph the event, many other people provide in-kind donations to further support the day. Things like water bottles and other hydration, energy bars and other noms and apparel for the presenters are great examples! {email:}
  • Donate. I personally commit to a goal of $1,000 every year. If you're feeling inclined, help me get there!
  • Attend a fundraising event! There are many across MA and RI and you can find out more details on the YRO website. I will be offering "Pick a Pose" at two benefits in April where you can be photographed by moi for a suggested $10 donation per pose. 100% goes to YRO.
  • April 8th: Endicott Estate {SIGN UP HERE}
    • Pick a Pose 6:15-6:45pm on the beautiful lawns of the Endicott Estate. 
    • Doors open 6:15, Class starts 7:00pm
    • One hour and 45 min vinyasa flow, instructed by Danny Dwyer, Lauren DAngelo, Joanna Losty and a savasana by YRO founder Sarah Gardner.
  • April 22nd: Universal Power Yoga {SIGN UP HERE}
    • Pick a Pose 6:00-6:45pm
    • 90 minute class with live music led by Jen Merola Palmer and Jacqui Bonwell starts at 7:00pm

You now have all of the information on how to get involved in an event, in a cause, that speaks to me. But if there are other events, other causes, that speak more to you, I highly encourage you to reach out and give your time, your energy, your in-kind or financial donation. Do it because it feels good. Do it because what goes around comes around. Do it because you can.

The 2016 Yogathon Beneficiary, The Hale Family Center for Families at Boston Children's Hospital

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Yogathon 2015 - Poses With the Patriots

At Yogathon 2015, we had two very special guests join us for a photo opp!! I had a blast photographing yogis with New England Patriots players Jonas Gray and former player Joe Andruzzi, founder of (Up)Beat Cancer! This organization's mission is closely aligned with Yoga Reaches Out's chosen 2015 beneficiary Boston Children's Hospital Pediatric Brain Tumor Team.

For those of you who attended the event, you can download your lower res images for posting on social media sites like Facebook and blogs here and your high res images for printing here. You can also order prints 50% off directly from this gallery.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my top six favorite Poses with the Patriots!


More photographs of Yogathon 2015, supporting Boston Children's Hospital Pediatric Brain Tumor Team and Ben Speaks, are coming soon! Check back on Facebook often!

Natick, MA Kids' Yogathon for Yoga Reaches Out

One of my favorite parts about being a business owner is deciding how to give back to my community. Over the past several years, I have partnered with Yoga Reaches Out to photograph their Yogathon every Spring (for adults) and Kids' Yogathon every Fall. I also create a personal fundraising page during the Spring event, raising over $1,000 this past year. With each event comes a promise to children, a new cause to benefit children less fortunate in our community. At this Sunday's Kids' Yogathon, each child raised at least $50 to help send other children to summer camp at Camp Starfish. As always, it was the most adorable yoga day of the year. How adorable are these two yogi brothers, Danny and Luke?! <3

To view, download, print, and share photos from the event, click here to view the Kids' Yogathon 2014 online viewing gallery.

Save the date for Yogathon 2015 - Sunday, April 26, 2015 at Gillette Stadium's Field House.

Boston, MA Pro Bono Photography for United Way's Community Baby Shower

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: June 4, 2014

Location: Boston, MA

I loved being a part of the United Way's Community Baby shower this year, providing families with their first family photo shoot! Take a look at the family portraits that we captured together! And a special thanks to David Weinberg Photography for assisting!

2014 Yoga Reaches Out Yogathon

{Back Blog} - Event Date: April 27, 2014

Location: Gillette Stadium Field House, Foxboro, MA

I love being able to support Yoga Reaches Out as one of their exclusive event photographers. This is my favorite way to give back to the community who has given me so much.

To see the full album from Yogathon 2014, please visit my Facebook Page.

Norwood, MA Yoga Charity Class at Universal Power Yoga for Yoga Reaches Out

{Back Blog} - Shoot Date: February 28, 2014

Location: Universal Power Yoga, Norwood, MA

I love supporting Yoga Reaches Out and very much enjoyed being a part of Universal Power Yoga's charity class. We held a mini photo session series for all students partaking in the charity class. To see the full set of images, visit my Facebook page.