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Thank you to my Yoga Studio Partners! {2016 Recap}

As we come into the last month of 2016, I wanted to take a moment to extend a huge thank you to all of this year's yoga studio partners. I absolutely love working with your teams for studio shoots, mini sessions, celebrations, events and more. I love working with your teachers, being introduced to your communities, and {gush, gush} becoming closer friends over pizza post sessions.

To all of the owners, the studio managers, the behind-the-scenes-geniuses who create these amazing communities, I thank you, from my heart, for the amazing partnerships we have together. Here's to wishing you a wonderful end of year and continued success in 2017! To you, I bow.

Why am I posting this up a full month before the end of the year? Well, holidays can be a stressful time and for me personally, I know I'll be ramping up my yoga practice at these studios over the next few weeks. Hopefully, I'll see many of you there!

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And, definitely take a look back at the photo shoots I've done with Caroline and the team at The Yoga Tree, Yolanda, Jillian, Lorraine and the team at Lexington Power Yoga, Nicole and the team at Chakra Power Yoga, Andrea, Jenna and the team at Barre & SoulMeredith and the team at Life Time Athletic Metro West, and Jen and the team at Universal Power Yoga. Here's to many more in 2017!