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My Favorite Yoga Poses to Photograph {2016 Recap}

My yoga clients often ask me which poses photograph best and the answer, always, is ... it depends. I love to photograph the poses that make you smile completely, burst into laughter or simply feel all the feels. They're the ones that show people your personality and all of your uniqueness. Needless to say, this varies by yogi, by season, by day sometimes. So it's hard to give one generic answer. I want to capture the poses where you feel confident, happy, strong, tranquil, energized, etc. etc. etc. depending on what makes you you, how you want to market yourself, and truthfully, how you are feeling that day. I find new love for poses watching all of you explain to me why you love them, why you're hosting a workshop dedicated to them, or why you practice them for an extra 10 minutes at the end of class even when the teacher doesn't queue them. If you have a yoga photo shoot scheduled or you've been thinking about reaching out, take time to think about it. What makes you, you?

That said, this answer is often met with a half smile at best. So, with the it-depends-caveat in mind, I've put together a top 10 list for you of poses that I found absolutely beautiful to photograph this year.

Here are are my top ten poses to photograph in 2016!

I have all of my yoga clients include at least one seated pose in each session because I find simple seated postures to feel approachable to the viewer and show off your beautiful faces! These are great for marketing "about me" sections on your website.

A big thanks to all of my 2016 yoga clients! Included above in order of appearance, Anna Saluti, Whitney Fitzpatrick, Kathryn Ford Richter, Jessi Dellert, Rachel Hunt, Julia Tirabassi, Lynne Minchello, Stephanie Kirkos, Shauna Burke, Shanel Anderson and Theresa Laham

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