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Long Beach, CA Yoga Photo Shoot on the Beach {w/ Nina Petruzzo Yoga}

Three years ago, the lovely Nina Petruzzo reached out to me to set up her first ever yoga photo shoot. We had a blast shooting throughout the Boston Commons, Beacon Hill and Acorn Street, capturing the charm of Boston, the city she grew up in, as our backdrop. Shortly after, Nina moved out to California and I am so glad that we've been able to stay in touch. Earlier this year, while out on the West Coast for a family wedding, we were lucky enough to take one of Nina's classes and let me tell you, Boston is missing out! Nina's queueing is spot on, even my husband and brother-in-law {first-timer} were able to follow along and really enjoy the class. Fast forward to last week, my husband and I were back out in California for another wedding so, naturally, I reached out to Nina to see if we could set up a private class for our family. We felt so fortunate that it worked out! Let me tell you, there is just nothing better than yoga by the ocean, shaded by palm trees, and the most amazing breeze. Thomas' entire family raved about Nina the rest of the afternoon and I have to agree, her class was absolutely perfect! If you're in Southern California, I highly recommend taking a class with Nina at Buddhi Yoga and Yoga Bound, joining for yoga at the breweries through Hoppy Yoga or contacting Nina for a private session.

Beforehand, we were able to meet up for a quick yoga mini session and I am so excited to share some previews with you!

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