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Westwood, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at the Center at Westwoods {w/ Tracy Affonso}

These last two weeks have been filled with beautiful yogis, amazing new locations, and all things fall. And let me tell you, this makes for one amazingly happy yoga photographer. Yes, it's true that October in my field is usually a crazy happy mix of loveliness and mayhem as all photographers in New England look to get in as many shoots in this gorgeous time of year as possible all the while finalizing the season's weddings. So, if you happen to see me running to the Whole Foods Coffee Bar in my sweats, a bit disheveled, just know in return your facebook feeds will soon be filled with all things lovely, and all clients, as always, will be getting on time photo deliveries. That said, I truly hate how our generation still glorifies being busy so let's also remember that photographers pretty much hibernate from November to April. {ha!} It balances out in a way that's just right. But, enough about me.

I had the pleasure of photographing the gorgeous Tracy Affonso last week and I could not be more excited to share some previews with you. After hosting a workshop for breast cancer survivors at The Center at Westwoods, Tracy suggested hosting our yoga photo shoot at this truly remarkable location. It's not only a meditation center and yoga studio, but also has some incrediblly beautiful grounds with a koi pond, statue garden, labyrinth, and breath taking foliage. Add in a beautiful - inside and out - yoga teacher like Tracy at golden hour, and I'd call that the perfect yoga photo shoot.

I was first introduce to Tracy at her class at Stil Studio in Dedham, MA and am happy to share that she also teaches at Chakra Power Yoga, Waltham Yoga, Artemis Yoga, STARR Life Studios, and Life Time Fitness' Life Power Yoga. She is also the Regional Director for the Massachusetts branch of bodhi & mind yoga, which offers physical, mental, and emotional support to women in every stage of breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.  Now this is one incredible yogi!

You can follow Tracy on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about her and find her latest teaching schedule! And now, enjoy some previews from our yoga photo shoot!

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