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Milford, CT Beach Yoga Photo Shoot {Ashley Feehan Yoga}

It's almost surreal sitting here with my pumpkin spice tea all bundled up in flannel coziness while editing a photo shoot from less than three weeks ago where I was literally sitting in the warm ocean photographing the beautiful Ashley Feehan. How did the weather turn on us so quickly?

I absolutely loved working with Ashley because she is so kind and her smile is just infectious. She has such a positive and friendly demeanor that it felt more like hanging out with a good friend than a professional yoga photo shoot. When we started the shoot I hadn't imagined actually going into the ocean but we quickly found the beautiful sandbars to be just too inviting to pass up. The natural reflections in the water, the golden light, the seagulls and beach air made for the perfect scenic session. And while it's chilly, rainy and windy out as I type away, I hope these photographs can bring you some summer warmth. Enjoy!