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Three Years Full Time!

Boston Yoga Photographer

I have to admit, things have been running business as usual around here for so long that it took a Facebook memory status this morning to remind me that today marks THREE FULL YEARS running Tracy Rodriguez Photography full time!


Boston Yoga Photographer
Photographing  Nina Petruzzo  in the Boston Commons

Photographing Nina Petruzzo in the Boston Commons

I started shooting in 2000, went to yoga teacher training in 2011 - which changed my life (career perspective, life goals, general outlook) - and I started shooting yoga photography directly following. I added on wedding photography in 2013 and then in early 2014, I left my corporate marketing job to run this business with all of my might.

I have loved every second of it, yes, even the grueling number crunching and tedious tasks, because they all add up to me being able to pursue this passion of mine full time.

I am so grateful to all of you, my clients, my fans and followers, my supporters. Please know that I think of you daily and appreciate everything you give. So, from my heart, know I love you. And I thank you.

And if you're in that place, looking to find a way to make your passion your career, know that you can do it. I promise. You have everything it takes. Feel free to comment below for some inspiration or message me any time. I've got your back.

Here's to another year at Tracy Rodriguez Photography!



PS - Hey fellow business owners! How do you celebrate your successes? I'll be honest, I typically don't. I may mention something to my husband, mom or sister on the phone. I definitely smile ear to ear. Perhaps I do a little blog shout out here and there. But, in a work from home, one woman show, it's hard to have, say, a team dinner celebration. So what do you do? I'd love to know!