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Maternity Leave - Be in Touch!

I am writing this post as I prep for my very last photo shoot before our baby boy is expected to arrive. It's hard to believe that it's already August and my maternity leave is just about to start!

I thought it would be helpful to share my game plan for those of you interested in shooting together. I've been asked more times than I'd like if I am going to be coming back to work and the answer is 100% yes! The only TBD is the exact timing. It will all depend on when our little guy decides to make his arrival and how my recovery and new family time goes. That said, I expect to come back to shooting in a limited capacity this fall and to return full time in the spring. Here's what this means for...

Yogis - Reach out! I know the fall is a really popular time for photographs. If you're interested in shooting outside this fall, please contact me and let me know. {If you fill out this yoga photo shoot prep form, that will definitely help get the process started.} I have a list of yogis and studios to reach out to as soon as I know my schedule for the fall and will be happy to add you to that list. I will be going based on a first-come (to email) first-serve basis so don't delay if you know you'd like to work together this year. And, if you know you're looking for an indoor only session, please indicate that as those shoots will be given priority for late November and December when we can no longer shoot outside comfortably.

Branding Clients - Same goes as for my yogis! If you're looking for an indoor session, I will be able to accommodate that this year in November or December and into 2017. If you're looking for an outdoor session, definitely still reach out. {You can fill out this branding photo shoot prep form to get the planning started.}

Families - I hope to be able to offer my Fall Family Mini Sessions this year in mid-November. {Perhaps November 11+12, 2017.} Please follow my Facebook page and check back here on my blog for updates. Families who have participated in previous years will be given a 24 hour advanced notice sign up advantage before they go to the masses. Note that these do usually sell out very quickly and I will do my best to accommodate everyone should it work for me to return to shooting in the fall.

Intimate and Full Day Weddings - Contact me as usual to set up a consultation. I anticipate being able to shoot intimate weddings starting again this fall and am booking full day weddings for 2018.

Communication - The best way to contact me is via email at Either directly or via my contact me form on my website. While not on maternity leave, I always respond within 24 hours. While on maternity, let's be honest, who knows... :) In all seriousness, I will do my best to balance my new family life with my amazing work life and return your emails in a timely fashion. Messages that come in via facebook messenger, facebook comment or instagram messenger are easily missed and therefore may not be responded to in a timely fashion so please do use email when possible.

Thank you all so much for all of the love and well wishes that have been coming in. They mean more to me and my family than you know. So here's all that love, right back atcha!