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Now that you've booked your branding photo shoot with Tracy Rodriguez Photography, please fill out this form to tell me a bit more about yourself, your brand, and how you plan to use your photographs.

Prepping for your Branding Photo Shoot - Consult Form

Please complete this form to tell me a bit more about yourself, your brand and how you plan to use your photographs. This will help us create a successful photo shoot. We will use this to guide our phone consult prior to your photo shoot.

Please feel free to email me directly with any questions, or call me at 203 984 0013. 

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Please list any affiliates you are currently working with and let me know if you would like them to receive a shout out in your blog post and social media posts. These could be clothing brands, food brands, yoga or wellness studios you work with, etc.
I love to shout out my clients and their classes / workshops / retreats / websites. Let me know in advance what types of marketing elements would be most beneficial for me to promote for you. When you use one of my photographs from your session, simply shoot me an email and I will shout it out on social media.

If you've happened upon this page and are looking to book a photo shoot, please contact me to get started.