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At Home: A Fun-A-Day Project Week 3 Update

36 Cube - PhotoADay2016-Day3.jpg

I can't believe the third week of January has come and gone. This year is certainly off to a quick start! Here is an update on my Fun-A-Day Boston project, a collection of photographs of my home, inspired by the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. You can read more about my inspiration in my Week 1 update

Below are the items I have photographed to date:

l2r: A sculpture in front of a fashion sketch by my late grandmother, Liti (short for Abuelita)

A painting by my Liti - I noticed it in the background of a photograph of her with her art students. She dug it out of storage and refinished it for me about a year before she died. I love that it adds a harsh pop of color to our home. And I love that that is evident even here among the greys, whites and leafy greens.

Part of my favorite peaceful kitchen windowsill, my Jade plant, given to me from my late step-mother, Jane

Another piece from my Liti, a framed article about her winning a case for women's rights

My living room as the sun sets

Our "T+T" {Tracy + Thomas} champaign cork art block, given to us from Thomas' step-mother, Stacie

Call me silly, but I just love this bag from Anthropologie. I have a thing for brush strokes.

My collection of first cameras - two Minolta film cameras, a Canon Rebel film camera {my first trip to B&H in NY to purchase it}, yes, there's a Polaroid in there, a DIY pinhole camera, and a silly point and shoot. And, I recently found a few rolls of film left unshot. It's time to get on that! 

My Nana's crystal lamp which now has a home in my office

Laura Hopper calligraphy kit to expand my creativity in the new year

Sugar in my late nana's baking container

My sage bathroom

Fresh lavender from my garden in a terrain vase

Inside a bag of homemade soft pretzels I made

The view from my hallway to my living room

Photographs from my wedding displayed as a gallery wall in our living room

More dried lavender

Another shot of my favorite afternoon spot

A dried lavender wreath above my desk

Those same homemade soft pretzels sitting to cool on my Nana's baking tray

A wider shot of my peaceful kitchen window display featuring a gift from one of my closest friends and a jade plant from my late step-mother

Stay tuned for my final update!