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Cambridge, MA Yoga and Barre Photo Shoot at Barre & Soul Harvard {w/ Whitney Fitzpatrick}

Whitney Fitzpatrick Yoga Boston

You may remember my 2015 New Year's post card and this gorgeous yogi, Whitney Fitzpatrick! {And yes, noted, I dropped the ball on creating one this year. I'm only human. Next year ... I hope} Needless to say, I was thrilled when Whitney reached out this year to create a follow-up photo shoot because I absolutely adore her and love working together. This time, Whitney introduced me to barre as well as yoga and while I usually make a strong case of not being a "fitness photographer" but rather a "yoga photographer" this photo session made me want to add barre to the mix. I have yet to go to a class {it's on my list .. I no longer fear it} and I absolutely loved the introduction that Whitney gave me. There was so much grace both in her movement and in her stillnessAnd, yes, of course, a lot of that comes from Whitney herself but I am thrilled to be shooting a few more barre sessions in the near future. Whitney's smile, also thrills me every time and you'll see that shine through in the images below. We were lucky to photograph at Barre & Soul Harvard because it's absolutely delightful. It's a photographer's dream with gorgeous wood floors, large windows with ample window light bouncing around the white walls and a unique and thoughtfully curated style. The mural wall had me drooling and all of the plants and terrariums hanging from the ceilings were absolutely breathtaking. Oh, and there's a teal piano to boot! If I lived in the area, I'd probably be at this studio every day if only to meditate in the beauty ... and of course to take yoga and barre classes with their amazing instructors. Now, enough of me ooo-ing and aww-ing, take a look at some of my favorite photographs from our yoga and barre photo shoot earlier this month. 

Whitney currently teaches at Barre and Soul Melrose and Harvard Square locations as well as Lexington Power Yoga (Barre & Soul) and she subs at YogaWorks Comm Ave and Back Bay {formally Back Bay Yoga and Sweet & Soul Yoga}.

Whitney's hair was done by the uber talented Amanda Andella who also teaches at Barre and Soul. I may have drooled a little over this braid crown she whipped up in just a few minutes. Brides, message me for her details! Imagine what she can do with even more time and prep!

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