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Providence, RI Engagement Session at the Roger Williams Park {Christyn and Jonathan}

One of my favorite things about photographing engagement sessions is that I get a little sneak peak into the lives of my couples. I get to see the way they hold hands, how they make each other laugh, the little looks that they give each other and so many other cute nuances. And for a sap like me, I'm pretty much always covered in goosebumps as I learn all of the adorable things that they have done for each other. Even better is when a couple brings me into a space that is important to them. For Christyne and Jonathan, that place is The Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI. Believe it or not, both Christyne's parents and grandparents got married in the park and we were able to capture photographs in many of the same locations inside the park. From the Japanese Garden to the Temple of Music, we toured around grabbing sweet moments in beautiful locations that had so much meaning to the couple. Talk about goosebumps.

I also got to know both Christyne's mom and Kodiak, Christyne and Jonathan's handsome pup, so that was an extra special treat. Kodiak joined us for a few images at each location and then his doggie-grandma took him for walks and treats while I spent some time alone with the couple.

We had great weather, beautiful fall foliage, and tons of privacy in all of the nooks and crannies of the park. I am so excited to photograph their wedding next year at the Loon Pond Lodge in Lakeville, MA!

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