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On Stopping the glorification of busy {A day in Newport, RI}

My husband and I took an impromptu day trip to Newport, RI on Thursday to enjoy a mini vaca. We walked down the famous Thames Street - note my camera was mostly in my bag for that part because I was pretty busy shopping, drinking Del's lemonade and snacking on Inpopnito Newport Cheddar Popcorn. :) We then visited The Breakers mansion right on the coast. The incredible thing was that we were so mesmerized by the beautiful grounds and amazing coastline view that we actually started our tour with a good half hour of laying on the grass, enjoying the weather and views. {Don't worry, it's allowed. There were actually many families picnicking and relaxing all around on the lawns.} My husband is a great influence on me - I used to be the type to want to rush right in, grab my headset and get in as much culture and information as possible. Now, {also thanks to yoga teacher training} I am in love with just being in the moment, enjoying the weather and the views. Laying on the grass with no agenda felt pretty incredible. We eventually made our way inside and it was really fascinating to learn about the Vanderbilt family.  I never knew that Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney was a pretty amazing sculptor and founded the Whitney Museum. They even had a few of her pieces on display which were pretty cool to see! If you're a big Downton Abbey fan like I am, you'd love these tours as well. We ended our day with a drive down the coast line, stopping of course for a few photographs. Here are some from our day! Enjoy!