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My love for dried flowers, details, and my family of entrepreneurs

One thing I am exceptionally proud of is coming from a family of entrepreneurs. My Aunt Dawn opened Peridot Fine Jewelry in Larchmont, NY {MAP} over a decade ago, selling a beautifully curated collection of fine jewelry by incredibly talented artists. I have always been inspired by how she has created relationships with each of her artists along with everyone who walks in the door of her store. She constantly demonstrates an amazing example of above and beyond customer service. {Must be why my husband purchased my Anne Sportun engagement ring from Dawn!}

Earlier this week while home visiting my family, I spent some time in Peridot to give my aunt a photography lesson. Normally I would post various jewelry photographs here, but I actually only picked up my own camera for a few moments before we started our lesson. {As with all lessons, I teach on the camera that you will be using.} Here are a few of the beautiful details I found in her store before we got started. Next time I will share some jewelry shots, I promise!

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