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Milton, MA Yoga Photo Shoot at Milton Academy {Hannah Pulit Yoga}

I was thrilled when Hannah contacted me to schedule a yoga photo shoot at Milton Academy because the campus is absolutely beautiful. And, to make it even more perfect, it's a deeply meaningful place to her and her family. Hannah not only went to school at Milton Academy, but now teaches there. And, her parents got married there too! It was wonderful to have her take me around to the different areas - the beautiful green {and perfectly manicured} lawns, the chapel, the beautiful heart sculptures and brick patio. We had fun as students passed by on campus all in awe of their English teacher's yoga moves! It was a blast. And, now that Hannah has completed her 200 hour teacher training through Down Under Yoga, she will be teaching Yoga at Milton Academy as well! Such lucky students! Take a look at our yoga photo shoot!

If you're interested in scheduling a yoga photo shoot at a location that's meaningful to you, contact me and we can get started!